For Dad, with Love – A Jewellery Style Guide for Men

For Dad, with Love – A Jewellery Style Guide for Men

Author: Stefan D. Valentin | Date: 7 June 2022

 Hello Lynq-ers,

 The 19th of June is fast approaching, and families across the world is searching for that perfect gift that says: ‘We love you, Dad.’ So, why not say it with some jewellery?

 However, we know when it comes to jewellery for men, it can be quite a challenge. Men’s jewellery is only gaining more and more traction within recent years, leaving many men confused and unsure how to exactly pair the perfect ring, or bracelet, or necklace.

 We are here to help! Let’s cover some styling tips for the men. From the professional look, to a more statement expression; this guide will have everything to start a jewellery journey for the men in our lives. Afterall, jewellery allows each of us to add some personalised individualism to our everyday dress. We stand out more, appear more confident, and leave a lasting, awe-inspiring impression.

Jumping right in, starting with the ‘professional look’.

 The key to project an air of corporate professionalism, while rocking some comforting jewellery reminders that we are loved, is minimalism. Many fathers will be wearing a wedding band and wristwatch on one hand. Therefore, start with adding a small bracelet to the opposite arm. A bracelet is easily hidden, inconspicuous addition.

 Similarly, a simple chain necklace, in either steel, silver, or gold, without a pendant, will add a subtle detail, that simultaneously let’s everyone know “this man knowns how to accessorise.” The wearer will appear immediately more confident, and confident people are often seen as more competent and trustworthy. The next promotion might just be a necklace away.

 The professional look can be taken a step further for those who wish to be a bit more daring. Push the boundaries of professional dress by adding a second ring to the opposite hand either on the index or ring finger. Once again, this addition is subtle, however will set you far apart from those who don’t don a second ring. The ring should be minimal in design, and a plain band in silver, steel, or gold, could be the perfect addition to bring the whole work outfit away from the typical every day, to the wonderous marvel we know fathers deserve to extrude.


 If the minimalist professional look is not for you, bolder and louder statement is also very possible. However, the key remains with the style of items worn, and less so with the number of pieces.

 Following the same rule as the professional look above, adding a bracelet and ring to the opposite hand, but making them slightly larger in size will create that bolder statement without trying too hard. The trick is to balance the visual weight of the piece with the rest of the outfit. Jewellery should not overpower, but compliment.

 By increasing the size and weight slightly, a greater impact is made. This includes bracelets with more woven textures that increase the size and add additional details, and larger rings with engraved details in them.

 The envelope can be pressed further here by wearing two second rings to the one hand. One ring should be minimalist in detail, but the second can either be minimalist or more robust in design. The weight will draw more attention, and therefore make a larger statement.

 The same thinking can be applied to the necklace. Increase the size of the links or add a second necklace of either similar or smaller link-size, with variation in length (the bigger linked necklace being the longer necklace); will both add extra dimensions to any outfit. Pendants to one of the necklaces will also add extra weight, shaping the necklace, and add extra personality to the outfit. The size and weight of the pendant can be of personal taste – but remain to keep the visual weight in mind.


 In the efforts to aid the fathers, we have also curated a few collections following the style tips described above. The collections posted will also be available during the month of June as a promotion.

 Just remember to have fun with the jewellery as well and follow your heart. The best taste is that which you love.

 The Lynq team would like to express our admiration and love to all the fathers and parental figures within all our lives. Stay warm, and healthy during this winter months Lynqers. Until we meet again.

Stay safe and stay LYNQed.

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