Get to know our BEST-SELLERS!

Get to know our BEST-SELLERS!

Author: Sandra-lee Campos | Date: 04/06/22

Hello Lynq-ers

I Hope you are keeping well & safe.

It has been a while since we last shared some Lynq insights with you … we know there is a lot going on in the world, new adjustments, changes & adaptions that we are all still trying to process, leaving no time to take care of yourself or should I say spoil yourself. So, we have decided to give you a peak into our customer favourite jewellery pieces, we hope with this, you are able to spare a minute of your time to spoil yourself every now & then with some of our best-selling jewellery pieces.


One of our most popular pieces & most sold items would have to be our

9K Yellow Gold multi balls 19cm Bracelet

This is a fine delicate chain bracelet with solid yellow gold balls placed intermittently, is such a stunning piece of jewellery to add to one’s jewellery collection, suitable for any occasion and compliments any outfit perfectly.

Just as popular as the multi ball chain, our 9K Yellow Gold Hollow Curb Signoretti 19cm bracelet, is another customer favourite….

This timeless & exquisite bracelet adds a sense of class & elegance to ones look and is an unforgettable piece of jewellery. That is a must have by all. While this stunning piece is perfectly suitable on its own, it is most complimentary with the matching necklace.

The 9K Yellow Gold Hollow Curb Signoretti 45cm Necklace

This gorgeous piece of jewellery creates a simple and sophisticated look with a touch of elegance. Most suitable with a v-neckline or scoop-neckline blouse. Our 9k yellow gold Signoretti necklace is a definite must have, as it will only compliment one’s jewellery collection & everyday look.


If you are looking for a more casual yet stylish piece of jewellery, our Silver Yellow Gold-Plated Paperclip 45cm Chain is a crowd favourite.

This different yet elegant Gold-Plated Paper-clip chain necklace adds a sense of style & class to any outfit. And is most complimentary with its matching bracelet…

The Silver Yellow Gold Plate Paper-Clip Chain 19cm

Our silver yellow gold-plated paper-clip bracelet can be worn in both casual & luxury settings, making it suitable for any occasion. So, if you are looking to enhance your look, this simple, chunky yet stylish bracelet is a must buy, and goes perfectly with the yellow gold paperclip necklace, the perfect duo for the perfect outfit.


Now that we have covered the neck & arm jewellery, its time to talk about our all -time favourite EARRINGS…

A true crowd pleaser would be our ….

9k Yellow Gold Round Textured Tube Hoop Earrings 25mm

These yellow gold textured hoops are a one of a kind set of earrings, their features simple speak for themselves. With its aesthetically pleasing look, the engraved design adds an interesting texture to these yellow gold earrings, distinctly differentiating themselves from others. Now who would not want to snatch up these babies?

These earrings can be worn for any occasion… better yet, with our stunning set of 9K Yellow Gold Reversible Polished/Diamond Cut 15mm Huggies


These 9k yellow gold huggies are a huge trend, with its appealing look of texture, style, elegance & simplicity. It is a no brainer, these earrings will make the perfect addition to your jewellery collection, enhancing your overall look, especially with the round textured 25mm hoops.

 While our 9K Rose Gold 1.5mm Square Tube 15mm Hoop Earrings is not one to forget about.

These Simple and timeless, classic 9K Rose Gold square tube hoops are easy to wear and suitable for any occasion.  They are a classic and elegant add to one’s collection, enhancing your look day or night.


So, there you have it Lynq-ers … now all there is left to do is to start shopping our best – sellers. As mentioned above these are our top best sellers & crowd favourites, to see more please visit our best sellers page on our website using this link:


Wishing you all a fabulous day!

Stay Safe & Stay LYNQED

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