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Author: Tanya-Leigh Jordaan | Date: September 2021
With the country opening up and larger social gatherings being allowed, more and more couples are planning their long awaited weddings now.
There are an unbelievable amount of aspects to a wedding that brides need to think about, plan and do in prepping for the big day, so this blog is going to focus on helping all you soon-to-be- brides with one of them - choosing of wedding jewellery.
We may not be able to help you with the something old or something borrowed, but something new is just up our ally!
Let's break it down into the main wedding styles, as this is the basis on which you will generally decide on your jewellery for your special day. We will be focusing on Classic, Glam, Boho and Romantic wedding styles.
The idea of a Classic wedding brings to mind tuxedo's, structured dresses, black and white dress codes and a feel of elegance. In this case diamonds, Cubic Zirconia pieces or pearls are a timeless choice. They really pull together the feel of a quintessential wedding day, complete with all the shine and elegance expected from a black tie event.
Our 9K Yellow Gold Multi-Cubic Zirconia Milgrain Pendant is the perfect choice for some understated shine, without breaking the bank. Match this with our 9K Yellow Gold Cubic Zirconia Milgrain Tube Stud 5mm.  To complete the classic look, our 9K Yellow Gold 60g 3+1 Figaro Bracelet is perfect for a bride looking for shimmer on her wrist.
If your hairstyle calls for hanging earrings, have a peak at our 9K Bonded Yellow Gold Crystal Soli Drop Earrings or 9K Bonded Yellow/White Gold 5mm Glitz Flat Tube 30mm Hoops.
If you are more of a rose gold girl, which is ultra-trendy these days, our 9K Rose Gold Multi Cubic Zirconia Cluster Stud Earrings 8mm are gorgeous! They are the perfect mix of classic and chic.
If you are trying to steer clear of the sparkle of diamond or cubic zirconia, perhaps to avoid clashing with a sparkle studded dress, pearls are the perfect go-to! Whenever we see pearls, we remember the classic looks of the past, and that classic look is not lost on this generation either. Pearls truly never age.
Have a look at these light weight 9K Yellow Gold Round-Disc Stud 6.3mm earrings. If you don't have granny's string of pearls to wear, Lynq's 9K Bonded Yellow Gold Open Pearl Heart Pendant will complete this look.
Glam weddings are for the brides who want more! They want the WOW factor! They want the drama! And why should that end at the venue and the decor? Why not wow your guests with your jewellery too?
Our 9k Charcoal Cubic Zirconia Heart on Silver Glitter 21.8mmx18.3mm pendant or Silver Cubic Zirconia Heart Pendant 17.6mmx21mm are sure to catch everyone's eye as you make your way down the aisle.
For the gold girls, the 9K Yellow Gold Reversible Diamond Cut Puffed Heart Pendant is sure to make a statement.
Our personal favourite is our Silver Heart Shape Cubic Zirconia Pendant 12.4mmx14mm. This pendant oozes opulence!
If you feel that your necklace is enough of a statement piece, pair our pendants with one of our wide variety of earrings, choosing the colour to match your neck piece. Lynq's 9K Bonded Yellow Gold Crystal Drop Earrings are perfect for that extra splash of glam.
Add our 9K Bonded Yellow Gold Oval Link Bracelet to draw some attention to that WOW wedding ring we know you're showing off!
The new trend on the wedding scene is Boho inspired weddings. They are generally semi-formal, outdoorsy and have a sense of flow. This flow carries all the way through, from the wedding dress, to the decor and flowers, and the brides jewellery is no exception.
Even though pearls are thought of as classic and formal, they match so perfectly with a boho inspired wedding. Perhaps it’s the colour of the pearls that bring the elements together so nicely, but either way, any of our pearl inspired jewellery will compliment your lace flowing dress.
Take a peek at these options in our selection: 9K Yellow Gold Round-Disc Stud 6.3mm earrings & 9K Bonded Yellow Gold Open Pearl Heart Pendant.
Lynq's 9K Gold 19cm Multi-Disc Charm Bracelet or 9K Rose Gold 19cm Multi-Disc Charm Bracelet, depending on your colour of choice, brings the perfect flow to your outfit. They are loose, light weight and charming! In fact, and if we do say so ourselves, our collection of charm bracelets are all perfect for a wedding with this theme.
To finish off this light flow, add our 9K Bonded Yellow Gold Marquise Beaded Necklace 50cm. It is understated, but charming!
Another amazing match for the earthiness of a boho wedding is our 9K Yellow Gold Multi-Cubic Zirconia Small Tree-of-Life Pendant 10mm. It brings in just that little bit of shimmer you may be looking for, while keeping with the natural feel of an earth inspired wedding.
If your shoes allow it, or you know, you're going barefoot and all-natural, our 9K Gold Chain Anklet with Multi Balls 27cm could not be more perfect. There is nothing more boho chic than an ankle chain on a barefoot beauty! Match this with our 9K Gold Chain Necklace With Multi Balls 45cm.
If you prefer heavier jewellery, textured and woven pieces are a great choice! Our 9K Bonded Yellow Gold Pressed Curb Bracelet 19cm brings in all the feels of the layering, the epitome of boho!
Finally, romantic weddings... All weddings are romantic, obviously, but a romantic style wedding looks very different to a classic or glam wedding. Think of floral decor, candle light, a pastel colour palette, and throw in some vintage style too.
The jewellery you'd look for is similar to that of a boho wedding. It is light and flowing, understated if you will.
Lynq's exquisite pendants will be the perfect addition to your romantic wedding. Match any of our heart or love pendants with our carefully chosen necklaces.
Some of our favourites include the 9K Yellow Gold Love Heart Pendant 10mmx10mm or the 9K Rose Gold Love Heart Pendant.
Show your infinite love for your legally wedded spouse with our 9K Yellow Gold Cubic Zirconia Heart Infinity Pendant 13.3mmx12.4mm.
The perfect style of earrings for a romantic wedding are hoops - the smaller the better.
It is best to keep them understated, so we would suggest our 9K Rose Gold 1.5mm Square Tube Hoop 15mm, our 9K Gold 1.5mm Square Tube Hoop Earrings 20mm, or something similar.
Something slightly different to the hoops are our 9K Rose Gold double oval twist hoop 45mm. They have the softness you are looking for in a romantic wedding.
 Hopefully we have helped all of you beautiful brides by not only giving you guidelines on how to match your jewellery to your wedding style, but also literally handing it to you on a silver platter - our user friendly online store.
Remember though, the only rule at your wedding is that you cannot have more than 750 people indoors and 2000 people outdoors (We doubt it will be a problem to get your guest list down to that though). Oh and there's apparently a rule about getting married under some sort of roof, although I'm not sure what difference this really makes.
There is no rule for wedding jewellery! Your jewellery is your personal choice, it should match YOUR style, YOUR budget and YOUR love story! You do you, boo!
Until next time, beautiful Lynq-ers....Happy wedding planning!
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