About Us

Lynq was founded by a small team who share a passion for sourcing the most beautiful and affordable fine jewellery. We have the benefit of being part of a long-established jewellery network both locally and abroad. It is with this extensive experience and expertise that believe we will be able to achieve our vision.

Our Vision

  • Our mission is to select the highest quality contemporary jewellery at affordable prices and to deliver swiftly and carefully to your door. Furthermore, we are determined to put a sustainable business model into practice
  • We would like to engage with our customers by encouraging them to be part of what we purchase so constant feedback is important to us
  • We would also like to focus on the idea of gifting which is the reason our packaging is so important
  • We will be offering styling tips on how best to wear our jewellery based on the latest trends

Our Golden Library

The lynq look is unique! It is the extraordinary quality of crafted design in pure White, Yellow and Rose gold that makes this collection so remarkable. It is an embodiment of our story that we want to share with our customers, whether it is for everyday wear or a special occasion - we want to compliment any style with our distinctive yet affordable brand of quality and craftsmanship.

Our Responsibility

We understand that in today’s world, we have a bigger responsibility than selling great products. For us this includes focusing on a ‘circular fashion model’. To this point, we have looked at how we can infuse our collections with a commitment to environmental consciousness and incorporate a sustainable business practice.

Gold is expensive but durable and we pride ourselves on our ability to offer competitive prices, making our products more than just purchases but rather long term investments.

Our Packaging

We ensure that our packaging has a ’circular impact’. Our pouches are manufactured and designed to ensure the product itself has an element of sustainability. In doing so we chose a fabric made from recycled plastic collected from beaches in South Africa. We also had to ensure that the design is appealing enough to warrant further usage so as not to discard and create waste. We have done this by choosing a manufacturer with the same principles and values as us.